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Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield campus is located in Atlantic County, just west of Atlantic City. The program serves students 5 to 21 years of age with one or a combination of emotional, behavioral, social, or learning disabilities. Some students may have a clinical diagnosis of anxiety disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.), mood, personality, obsessive-compulsive, or oppositional defiant disorders, and/or specific learning disabilities. Most struggle with effective relationships with peers and adults.

The Northfield campus offers academic instruction that stresses applied behavior analysis (ABA). Activities focus on coordination of community–based mental health services and supports for both students and families.

Classrooms feature state-of-the art educational technology, including computers and specialized software for each student. Transition planning and transition services—including mentoring, job skills training, and practical experience in real world situations— are offered to older students as they prepare for life after graduation.

Y.A.L.E. School Northfield Team Leaders:

Alvin Doyle, Jr., M.Ed. - Campus Director at Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield Campus.

Al has been with the Y.A.L.E. family of programs for nearly 35 years.

He earned his master’s degree in education from Lehigh University and holds a principal certification in New Jersey, along with a teacher of the handicapped certification in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

A veteran educator, he is a strong advocate for at-risk children and youth. Al is deeply committed to building a community of support and works to build positive relationships with parents, law enforcement, and child advocacy organizations.


April Earl, M.Ed.  - Campus Principal at Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield Campus.

April Earl is the principal at Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield Campus, where she assists with curriculum development, lesson planning, classroom activities, and oversees transition planning.  Deeply committed to excellence, April works with teachers and staff to ensure program fidelity and to increase student achievement.

April holds a master’s degree in school leadership from Wilmington University and a bachelor’s degree in childhood education and special education from the College of Saint Rose.  She is certified in New Jersey as a teacher of the handicapped (K-12) and holds a provisional principal certification.  In addition, she is certified in New York as a teacher in childhood and special education.

With more than a decade of experience, April is known for her strong commitment to the development of students and staff, and for providing a stimulating, safe, and motivating learning environment.  She understands the importance of using evidence-based strategies and the need to involve families and community organizations to foster student learning and development.  She has led teacher trainings to improve academic instruction and student learning, and facilitated the implementation of a School-Wide Positive Behavioral Support Program.

As the school’s transition coordinator, April supervises the 21st Century Life and Careers instruction and works closely with teachers, students, and families to develop exit plans for graduating students.

“I am very proud of last spring’s graduating class. In our 2015-2016 school year, all seniors graduated and are currently enrolled in two and four year colleges,” April noted.

Before taking on a supervisory role at Y.A.L.E., April was the high school science teacher, where she provided instruction in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy and Physiology.

Her work has been recognized by others.  In 2013, The Council of Private Schools for Children with Special Needs presented her with the Ruth K. Newman Award for Excellence in recognition of her outstanding contribution and dedication to providing educational services to children with special needs.

Prior to joining Y.A.L.E. in 2010, April was a special education teacher in Ewing, NJ and was a youth habilitation specialist in Syracuse, NY where she served adolescents with mental and developmental disabilities.

The Northfield campus offers:

  • Low student-to-staff ratio
  • Small classes limited to 8-10 students per class
  • All staff certified by NJDOE
  • Full time BCBA
  • Small group instruction
  • ABA-based instruction
  • Counseling services for students and families
  • A strong therapeutic focus
  • Data-based instruction and intervention
  • Social skills instruction
  • Ongoing program review
  • Curriculum that stresses academics, independence, social and communication skills
  • Community-based instruction
  • Extensive parent training and support
  • Opportunities to participate on athletic teams
  • Individualized transition planning and post-graduation placement
  • Frequent communication between school, home, and the referring district
  • An extended school year program
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Job coaching, job placement and transition to higher education
  • School-wide positive behavior supports
  • Full time reading specialists
  • Wilson Certified Reading instructors
  • Telepsychiatry

Northfield Campus Details
Address1000 Burton Avenue Northfield, NJ 08225
Phone(609) 677-9960
Fax(609) 677-9985
AdmissionsAlvin Doyle
(609) 677-9960
EmailEmail this campus
Age range5 to 21
DiagnosesSpecific learning disabilities, emotional, social, behavioral disabilities; anxiety disorders

Mary Ann G.

As a family, we feel blessed to have our 9-year-old attend Y.A.L.E. School. It has been such a pleasure. He is much calmer when “homework” time comes—the difference is beyond words. We never truly knew the role that special education could play in his success. Your finely-tailored program addresses his needs and then some. At times, he still needs redirection and those behaviors are met by the Y.A.L.E. School staff with encouragement and positive support. Also, your website offers tons of helpful suggestions for parents’ at-home use. Thank you for being a part of our lives.”

Tina C.

My 14-year-old started struggling in school in fifth grade when he was put on many different medicines. He has had a roller coaster of moods and issues since. His old school was not understanding or helpful. Then he started Y.A.L.E. in eighth grade and it has been great! The staff is wonderful and go above and beyond to help my son stay in school and be successful. They keep me informed of how he is doing at all times and are very patient and understanding. He really likes everyone there and will continue at Y.A.L.E. through high school.”

Tyshan S.

My child was oppositional and defiant to authority, but the Y.A.L.E. School has taught him that every action has a reaction. The school has helped him learn to be accountable for his actions. From the beginning of the school year until present, he has progressed academically. He is maturing and becoming productively responsible. Thank you, all.”

Maria N.

“Public school did not have the answer for my Elliot, and I did not want my child labeled as a problem child, but rather as a child who needed a little something different in the way his education was delivered to him. He has been at Y.A.L.E. for a year and a half, and the change in understanding of others and his emotional growth is so noticeable. Kudos to the staff at Y.A.L.E. who go through more than the average teacher. They must have great hearts to be willing to do this job to help these children.”

Dorothy S.

“My son has Asperger’s and started at the Northfield campus in 4th grade. When he started at Y.A.L.E., he was a scared little kid, but now he will be beginning his senior year as a well-mannered, well-rounded, upstanding, intelligent young man. Being at Y.A.L.E. has taught him how to believe in himself and never give up on dreams. He plans to attend Stockton University in conjunction with Rowan University and Cooper Medical School to pursue an accelerated program to become a neurologist. The entire teaching staff have always had his best interests in mind and have done everything they can to help him grow and succeed in school and in life. Thank you to the fine staff in Northfield—we could not have done it without all of you.”

Mary Ann G.

“We are so thankful that Y.A.L.E. exists! Without them, we would have an arduous job just getting through a regular school day. We truly appreciate the over the top techniques that Y.A.L.E. staff utilize to educate our special child. The diligent and dedicated efforts of those at Y.A.L.E. always bring about a positive improvement in behavior. Thank you again and again!”

Nicole F.

“I could not have asked for a better school to have my son succeed. I have seen a large change in Jadah since he became a student at Y.A.L.E.. I could not ask for a better team to work with Jadah at difficult times. Before attending Y.A.L.E., he didn’t want to go to school, but now I can’t get him to stay home. I am a proud parent of a student who attends Y.A.L.E. Northfield campus!”

Y.A.L.E. Northfield students at the Tilton Athletic Club

Y.A.L.E. School Northfield campus students with Ruthie O'Brien at the Tilton Athletic Club
Y.A.L.E. School Northfield campus students with Ruthie O’Brien at the Tilton Athletic Club

Health and fitness were a major themes of the Extended School Year Program at Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield campus this summer. The students explored the concept of “wellness” in mathematics, science, reading and writing classes as well as many fun activities over the course of the six week summer program.

In August, students and staff visited the Tilton Athletic Club where they participated in a cardio kick boxing class with a certified trainer. This 45 minute, action packed activity was a physical challenge to all involved. The students were taught self-defense movements and some were even chosen to lead the class! (more…)

Y.A.L.E. Northfield students contribute to “Shop with a Cop” community fundraiser


Y.A.L.E. School Northfield students donated 428 of their “Y.A.L.E. Bucks” rewards to “Shop with a Cop,” an event where uniformed police officers and volunteers assist under-privileged children with their holiday shopping, free of charge to the child and their families.

Our staff (and their loved ones) turned the donated Y.A.L.E. Bucks into real cash which was given to Shop with a Cop. We nominated three Y.A.L.E. Northfield students to be included in the program and two of them were selected to go holiday shopping with a police officer from City of Northfield Police Department!

Y.A.L.E. Northfield students Shop With A Cop winners
Y.A.L.E. Northfield students Shop With A Cop winners

Students Jadah Butler and Anthony Platt were chosen to go shopping for holiday items with the officers. Our thanks to the Northfield PD and commend them for their ongoing community efforts to partner with schools in the community like Y.A.L.E.

We would also like to recognize the Y.A.L.E. students who generously donated their hard-earned “Y.A.L.E. Bucks” so that other children could have this great opportunity in the season of giving.

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Testimonials about Y.A.L.E. School Northfield

Jessica S.


“Y.A.L.E School has been a great thing for my family. Once my son was out of his old school it was a major improvement. I also like his current teacher, she has taken the time to really understand my son and to see where I am coming from. Thank you Y.A.L.E School.”

Nicole F.


“What a great difference I have seen in my son while he’s been attending Y.A.L.E.! The principal and staff are just so awesome and go above and beyond for their students. When my son first began attending Y.A.L.E., he started with a negative attitude. Academics were never his problem, it was his behavior — and with the special care from his teachers he has progressed a lot. I’m so grateful my son has become part of such a great school.”

Alan G.

Parent of a current Y.A.L.E. School Student

“I could not be happier about my grandson’s teacher, he just loves her.”

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