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Raising Boys: Advice from Dr. Buzz Mingin

The Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield campus recently hosted Dr. Buzz Mingin as he presented a parent and teacher workshop entitled “Raising Adolescent Boys.”

“Helping our families at home is a big part of the work we do at Y.A.L.E.,” said school psychologist and Y.A.L.E. assistant director Glenn Martins. “Consistency is so important in the lives of our students, so we do our best to help parents and caregivers.”

Here are some tips from Dr. Mingin:

  • Provide organization and structure at home and in school
  • Break goals into small segments that can be successfully completed rather than relying upon long intervals of time
  • Teach strategies and techniques for good decision-making
  • Recognize good decisions when they occur and acknowledge them with positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • Set limits, boundaries, and outcomes that are enforceable
  • Be consistent in your communication

Dr. Mingin is a clinical therapist and educational consultant who specializes in social skills training and behavior management techniques at Y.A.L.E. School in Williamstown and Northfield, New Jersey.

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