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Parent Advocacy: 3 Tips for Future Success

Earlier this winter, leaders at Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield campus presented a free forum: Ensuring Your Child’s Future Success in School. Here are some tips from speakers Ebony Cox and Glenn Martins:

  • Strive to be a partner with the school in your child’s education. Trust and respect by all parties will contribute to your child’s success.
  • At the IEP meeting, inform other members of the team of your child’s strengths. This will assist in the development of positive reinforcers and activities designed to motivate your child at school.
  • Ask for your child to be included in the IEP meeting where appropriate, but especially as he or she approaches the teen years. This will provide your child with a sense of ownership in his/her education, and will lay a solid foundation for the development of self-advocacy skills.

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