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New Green Tech Activity Lab welcomes students

5D9B6364The Y.A.L.E. School is proud to announce its newest transition initiative: The Green Tech Activity Lab, where adolescents and young adults on the autism spectrum will have the opportunity to improve work-readiness skills through hands-on learning.

“The lab will provide students with meaningful work experience,” said John Wilson, Assistant Director at the Audubon campus. “It will allow our students to gain experience in an office/warehouse-like setting, and to build skills to work independently, opening the doors to employment when they graduate.”

Transition-aged students from both the Audubon and Deptford campus locations will spend part of their school day learning at The Green Tech Activity Lab. Students will be introduced to a range of jobs from assembly, sorting and packaging; office support, copying and clerical; and, shop skills; to pre-engineering projects in the field of green technology.

“Our students will participate in specific activities based on their abilities and interests. They will learn skills, build accuracy and precision and grow in independence as they carry out the work,” added Wilson.

The growth of skills demonstrated across time will help students, parents and school districts set realistic work goals and make informed choices about post-secondary options.

“Too often, graduates with autism leave school without the full range of skills they need to get and keep a job they like,” said Vincent Mallon, Vocational Consultant.

The Green Tech Activity Lab will allow educators to assess each student’s skills, not only in the ‘hard’ skills for certain industries, but also the ‘soft skills’ of work behavior and self-direction.

“We never want to put a ceiling or a floor on the futures of our students. We want them to dream big and be prepared with the skills they need to keep the doors open for a range of options,” added Mallon.

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