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Autism Expert Peter Gerhardt Praises Y.A.L.E. School Programs for “Pushing the Envelope”

Earlier this spring, nationally-recognized autism and transition expert Dr. Peter Gerhardt visited The Y.A.L.E. School Audubon and Mullica Township campuses, and met with teachers and parents. Here is what he had to say about the program:

I have been consistently impressed with the adolescent and transition programs at Y.A.L.E. While maintaining a solid commitment to evidence-based intervention, they regularly ‘push the envelope’ to apply best practices in the community, the typical school environment and the work place. This broader definition of ‘educational context’ allows them to develop and implement quality services to adolescents with autism, their families and the communities in which they live.

More testimonials about the Y.A.L.E. School from experts in the field of autism and special education are available on our Testimonials From Experts page.

Gerhardt has more than 30 years experience utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in support of adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders. He has written articles and book chapters on the needs of adolescents and adults with ASD and has presented nationally and internationally on this topic. He served as Chairman of the Scientific Council for the Organization for Autism Research, is on the Editorial Board of Behavior Analysis in Practice and on numerous professional advisory boards, including the Autism Society of America.

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