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Y.A.L.E. School Medford Campus Featured in Medford Central Record Newspaper Article

The Y.A.L.E. School Medford campus was featured this week in an article published in the Medford Central Record newspaper, written by Judy Cohen Minches. The story highlights the unique partnership between the Y.A.L.E. School and The Medford Township Public School District that offers a uniquely effective hybrid of specialized, evidence-based instruction and interventions for students with Asperger’s within the environment of a public school setting.

This model has also been successful at our Audubon, Hamilton Township, and Mansfield Township campuses.

The mother of a former student at the Y.A.L.E Medford campus describes her son’s experience at Y.A.L.E. in the article:

Jen Khelil said when she took her son to Y.A.L.E. seven years ago, for the first time in her child’s life, she felt someone there actually “got” him. Logan now attends Shawnee High School and plays on the freshmen boys soccer team.

They looked at the classroom and saw books, materials and video game consoles. They reveled in its supportive and structured environment. Khelil said it had become apparent that Logan “would not thrive unless we looked outside the box” and, at Y.A.L.E., we found “a class full of kids just like my kid, and these kids were learning and enjoying it,” she said.

This was a far cry from Logan’s earliest experience, his mom said, when his behavioral challenges could not be “managed” in a traditional preschool environment.

“Logan learned to read, write and type. He learned math and science, English and social studies,” said Khelil. “He learned to make eye contact and how to introduce himself to strangers. He grew into a confident, caring and compassionate young man.

“I think it was the unconditional acceptance that he received at Y.A.L.E. that really allowed him to spread his wings and fly,” she said.

Read the entire article at the Medford Central Record website:
Medford students thrive under Y.A.L.E partnership in district — Medford Central Record

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