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The House That Y.A.L.E. Built: Social Service Club Receives Thanks From Nicaraguan Family

Y.A.L.E. students present check to charity organizersLast year, the Y.A.L.E. Social Service Club at the Cherry Hill campus was proud to present Father Chuck’s Challenge with a check for the money they raised to assist homeless families in Nicaragua. The students learned about the house which would be built using their donated funds and about the families in need who are served by the organization. Recently, club members received a certificate from Father Chuck’s Challege along with a photo of the newly-constructed house made possible by their fundraising effort. In the foreground of the photo is the family who now lives there: a mother and her three sons. They will now have a sturdy shelter from the frequent tropical storms in the area, all thanks to the charity work accomplished by Y.A.L.E. students!

Model of the houses built using donated fundsThe Y.A.L.E. Social Service Club presents a check to Father Chuck's ChallengeNicaraguan family who now lives in the new house

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