Y.A.L.E. School News

New opportunities for students at Y.A.L.E.’s Medford campus

After a long-standing and amicable relationship with the Medford Lakes school district, our Medford campus elementary and middle school classrooms have relocated to nearby Medford Township. Now, three Y.A.L.E. middle school classrooms are housed in Memorial Middle school and one elementary classroom is located at Kirby’s Mill Elementary.

While we miss our old friends, the move has brought some exciting opportunities. The newer buildings are wired for WiFi and allow our teachers to easily and quickly incorporate iPad technology into daily lessons. Our wellness teachers now have access to a large gym—adding variety to the physical education program. An impressive cafeteria welcomes our students for lunch with their public school peers. This has introduced students to the use of pre-pay Café cards (like a cafeteria credit card students can use for their purchases) or making appropriate cash payments, making food choices, and standing in the lunch-line. It has also provided opportunities for social learning as our students befriend the kind lunch-ladies, and cope with the hustle and bustle of the large space full of students.

At Memorial Middle School, public school teachers and students have welcomed our students into clubs and after school activities, such as the social Mix-It-Up-Club, the Intramural Cross Country Club, the Newspaper Club, and more. Our students can also access a spinning studio for some cardio on stationary bikes, or use the adjoining all-purpose fitness room.

At Kirby’s Mill, our elementary students have had access to the public school’s fully equipped art room for projects and lessons, and joined with their public school peers in the school-wide Halloween parade. Like all students in the building, our students’ birthdays are announced over the school intercom, and some of our young ambassadors have been invited to read morning announcements over the intercom.

We are excited to be working with our new school partners in Medford, and are equally thrilled about the opportunities to expand social skill instruction, peer inclusion, and academic instruction. With the continued support and assistance of these public schools, we look forward to a long and successful chapter at Memorial and Kirby’s Mill.

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