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New club at Cherry Hill campus encourages creative thinking and problem-solving

The Cherry Hill campus is launching an Odyssey of the Mind club this year for 6th-8th grade students. The club encourages students to “think outside of the box” to come up with creative solutions to very specific problem-solving challenges. Club members will compete at the Lighthouse regional competition in Mount Laurel, NJ in March. There are five problem-solving categories in which the students will need to compete: Vehicle, Technical/Performance, Classics, Structure, and Performance (theatrical). Each category has a challenge associated with it. The challenge gives the students very specific parameters that they must work within to come up with a solution. There is no adult guidance — the students can be as creative as they like while devising a solution to the challenge while following the rules set forth. Competition teams are judged by volunteers from the community, and regional winners have a chance to move on to state, national, and world competitions. Good luck to our team members, and stay tuned for more updates about this exciting new club.

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