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Community Service in Action: Y.A.L.E Students Give Back

Students at our Northfield Campus held a “Jeans for Teens” clothing drive, collecting more than 100 pairs of gently used jeans along with other clothing items.  “The drive was supposed to be only a few days long, but it ended up lasting a week longer, because so many people kept contributing!” said Brittany Bank, the classroom teacher who coordinated the effort.  “Residents from all over Atlantic County were driving to the school to contribute clothing.”

Community support was vital! A week into the charity drive, several schools in nearby Pleasantville gathered and delivered donations from employees at area businesses, including Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City that donated a full box of the denim pants.

Once clothing was collected, students sorted the items and then folded, and packaged them in separate boxes for men and women. The class then helped deliver the donations to the Rescue Mission in Atlantic City, where it was distributed to those in need.

Students were happy to get involved. “It felt good to help collect jeans, because I know some kid, who could be my age, needs a pair, and this project lets us help them out,” explained one of the students.

“Many of the students at this school have had their share of hard times,” said Bank. “It’s great to see them making progress in school and wanting to help their community. The community service projects we select give our students opportunities to get involved with something positive to occupy their time. Giving back helps improve their self-image and sense of pride and belonging.”

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