Y.A.L.E. School News

Patricia and Mark H.


“Our son’s experiences in public school were extremely stressful, both in self-contained and inclusion settings, exacerbated by the inexperience of teachers and administrators in dealing with children on the autism spectrum. He would have frequent meltdowns.

Since he came to Y.A.L.E. we have seen significant progress in his ability to self-regulate his emotions and behaviors at home, in the classroom and in outside social settings. As a result, he is able to learn and retain his academic lessons much more than in the public district setting. 

We cannot say enough about The Y.A.L.E. School program and staff – they have been extremely patient and helpful with our son and have helped us to be able to coordinate his lessons and self-control strategies into the home environment as well. Finding Y.A.L.E. was the best thing that could have possibly happened for him and our family.”