Y.A.L.E. School News

Pat and Rob D.


“Our daughter, now age 16, was in public school until the beginning of Grade 7 when she had a very serious episode of OCD/anxiety on top of her existing Asperger’s diagnosis. She spent the remainder of grade 7 getting home schooling from the district and started at Y.A.L.E.’s Medford campus in 8th grade. She was in a very, very fragile state when she began her schooling at Y.A.L.E.. We were extremely concerned about placement for her and looked at many options before selecting the program. From the onset, we felt that all the folks at Y.A.L.E. understood exactly what her needs were and how to help her. Every teacher and assistant she had at Medford was wonderful. She was able to transition into a classroom environment there, only because of the quality support she received. 

When it was time for high school – we were thrilled that Y.A.L.E. started the school-within-a-school campus at Northern Burlington. Phil Kestenbaum became her teacher – he immediately recognized our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and knew exactly how to maximize her capabilities and work on her challenges, using a wonderful sense of humor. This was a comfort that we cannot even describe. He was a really terrific teacher. She attended freshman and sophomore year with Mr K. and did wonderfully – and eventually she was able to transition over to Shawnee High School.

Your insight, knowledge, advice and sincere concern for your students was obvious in all our conversations and meetings – and we did have many – so I can also add to the list your patience was also appreciated. While we know that she has worked hard to get where she is now, we definitely attribute much of her progress (both academic and social) to your program, your expertise, your oversight, and your support. We hope that your reach at Y.A.L.E. expands to include many more children with special needs – finding people like you is a rare gift.”