Y.A.L.E. School News

Karolyn H.


“As a parent with two children on the autism spectrum every day can be a struggle to some degree. It is really helpful to know that when my children go to school at Y.A.L.E. that they are well cared for and taught how to tap into their many hidden abilities. I realize how fortunate my family is to attend Y.A.L.E. The student to teacher ratio is unmatched in this area and an extremely important factor. I am in education myself and I am both grateful and impressed with how the staff continuously alters my children’s educational goals as they progress throughout the year. The staff takes every opportunity to teach, guide and care for their students. Everyone that works with my kids go above and beyond what is required and expected every day. I wish I could accurately put into words how much their dedication to their work has changed my family’s lives for the better. I could go on for pages about how the school reaches out to involve families/parents in the school. The D.A.R. (Daily Activity Reports) are very detailed and are a great help when interacting with my children after school. Community outings, integration in school activities are just a few of the elements I enjoy about the Y.A.L.E. program. Thank you. This school helps to make my children’s journey through life a little less scary and gives us hope for the future – I could not ask for more.”