Y.A.L.E. School News

Karen S

“When Y.A.L.E. School was suggested for my son, I felt like he was being thrown away. His last school placement could never accommodate his needs and I was left with a 7 year old who couldn’t read and barely completed even one assignment a day. My sweet child was frustrated and felt like a failure.  His last school placement was sending him home almost every day as they could not accommodate his needs. It was a constant battle to get them to help our child.

Sending him to Y.A.L.E. has turned out to be the best decision we ever made. My son who just turned 10 is now reading, completes all his assignments, and even his homework. He has no behavior issues at all. He has just blossomed. He feels successful, and smart, and confident. He even has friends. He loves his teachers and hates missing a day. We cannot thanks his teachers and Y.A.L.E. school enough for what they have done for him.”