Y.A.L.E. School News

Christine D.


Ethan started out in a preschool program for 3 year olds with disabilities. This is when and where we got the diagnosis all parents dread hearing …autism. He showed improvement in our home district but it became evident that placement outside our district was going to be necessary. I toured several out of district schools but Y.A.L.E. Mullica Twp. immediately felt like a perfect fit for my son. He loves going to school and the staff—I do as well! I know there is no where else I could send him to get the support he needs to learn. The ABA model they use in the classroom has benefited Ethan. 

He has displayed improved behaviors in school and at home. It’s amazing how receptive he is and how much he learns. His social and communication skills have come a long way and continue to improve. The staff is always available to talk about any concerns. I no longer look at what my son can’t do but get to watch him show me what he can do on a daily basis. The sky is the limit and with the help from his teachers at Y.A.L.E. I know he can reach his highest potential.”