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Compassion and Volunteering


Nicole Speigel, a Child Study Team member at Y.A.L.E.’s Cherry Hill campus, has a heart for volunteering in the community. A successful triathlon competitor, Speigel has spent the past three years racing. In her most recent triathlon with the IRONMAN Foundation, Speigel traveled to Puerto Rico to compete and volunteer her time to Hurricane Maria victims on the island. After the race, buses took the triathlon participants to different homes in need. Speigel’s group was assigned to help a woman named Maria whose home was devastated by the storm. The group spent hours cleaning and painting the home. Maria and her family were extremely grateful for the volunteers, thanking them repeatedly.

“The feeling you get from volunteering is so much more than the work you put into it,” Speigel explained, “I always tell my students that not only does volunteering look good on a resume, but it also provides hands-on experience, teaches empathy, and improves listening skills.”

Speigel’s compassionate heart drives her to volunteer avidly both in her own community and in other countries. Compassion also plays a part in the classroom with her students. Her caring nature drives her desire to teach them all she can about important life skills, hoping that this knowledge will help her students in their daily lives, social situations, and careers.


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