Dominic M

“I went to the Cherry Hill campus (now Ellisburg campus) in the mid 90s to 2000s. When I first arrived, I was out of control.  I was diagnosed with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Thanks to the instructors here, I learned to read when public schools had given up on me. Despite my initial wild behaviors, instructors like Maggie Rhodes, […]

Edward K

“I have seen such a difference in my son since he entered the Y.A.L.E. School, Ellisburg campus.  I love that he is in a safe learning environment where the staff call and communicate with me often. Nick says he is very comfortable at Y.A.L.E. and that the teachers are very nice to him. He is making great growth in math […]

Terri H

“My son has been with Y.A.L.E. School for a long time and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The staff is amazing! Jarrett has come such a long way and this school is a VERY big part of that. They take the students on outings to many different places, and the kids have a lot of fun while learning! […]

Jacqueline B

“This is my son’s first year at Y.A.L.E. School. We, as a family were nervous, the fear of the unknown was terrifying.  I can say with all certainty that we made the right decision sending him here. He is treated and cared for as an individual and not a number. The level of education is exactly what we were looking […]

Karen S

“When Y.A.L.E. School was suggested for my son, I felt like he was being thrown away. His last school placement could never accommodate his needs and I was left with a 7 year old who couldn’t read and barely completed even one assignment a day. My sweet child was frustrated and felt like a failure.  His last school placement was […]

Robert Naseef, Ph.D.

“Based upon my own observations and what students and parents have told me, I can recommend the Y.A.L.E. School without hesitation or reservation for students with learning differences, such as autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other challenges. The safe, supportive environment combined with evidence-based strategies delivered by a compassionate, well-trained staff provides a learning community where students can blossom.”

Tracey G.

“This is a very special thank you to our son’s amazing team at the Y.A.L.E. School of Philadelphia!  Their thoughtful, caring approach has instilled a passion for learning and a love for school in him!  With his many disabilities, it has been challenging to find a learning environment where he would thrive until he attended Y.A.L.E!  It has been a […]

Hazel McC.

“I love everything about Y.A.L.E. School. My child has been at Y.A.L.E. School Ellisburg since 2017 and is in the 8th grade now. Since being at Y.A.L.E. he loves to read, mind you he has always hated reading. Mrs. D is wonderful, she has reached out to me to update me on my child, good or bad. She puts in […]

Fran P.

“It has been my pleasure to work as a speech and language pathologist at the YA.L.E. School in Voorhees.  The staff is excellent, very professional, caring and supportive of each and every student.  They provide a positive academic and social learning environment for the students. The staff is friendly and courteous to new professionals in the school.  Each day at work […]

Madeline T.

“My son attended Charter school when they noticed he wasn’t learning at the pace the other children were.  The social worker there told me to visit Y.A.L.E. School Audubon and speak to the teachers and staff. Upon arrival, I met with Mr. John Wilson and he told me all the great things about the program. My son went through changes. […]

Regina & Matthew P.

“My son Matthew has attended Y.A.L.E. School Audubon for the last two years.  The programs are consistent and follow a specific process.  Also along with maintaining skills learned, maintenance is very important to my child’s needs.  Assessments are taken to keep your child in check along with specialist as needed.  Daily activity reports are supplied with detailed information.  Community outings […]

Kristi S.

“My son is 5 years old. He has been attending Y.A.L.E. School for just about a year. In that time, his socializaion and communication skills have increased exponentially. He loves to go to school. I love the daily activity record that comes home everyday. Ir gives a great snapshot into his day. It also allows for communication back and forth. […]

Melissa S.

“Y.A.L.E. School is a school that supersedes township and county schools. The curriculum is focused more on the individual child. The incorporation of  life skills and personal hygiene. Even more impressive is all of the field trips. What puts Y.A.L.E. School above all others though, is the knowledge and dedication of all the teachers and staff. They love all of our […]

Judi S.

“Thanks to the intensive efforts of the teachers, therapists, advisors and other staff at Y.A.L.E. School, students are prepared to become productive members of the community. My daughter is nearly 21, about to graduate from Y.A.L.E. School, where she has thrived since the sixth grade. She is participating this year in Project SEARCH, a highly innovative work-site internship program for young adults […]

Stella N.

“My son has been attending the Y.A.L.E. School in Cherry Hill for five years. The teachers, counselors, therapists and administrators at Y.A.L.E. School Cherry Hill are, in my opinion, the best of the best. They have provided many opportunities for my son to grow emotionally, develop academically, and become more self-sufficient, as well as independent. In addition, and perhaps more […]

Monica A.

“My daughter attends Y.A.L.E. School in Cherry Hill and has benefited from a school where she is supported by qualified and experienced professionals who know how to address her individual needs. We are grateful for Y.A.L.E. where she has on-site access to a Board Certified Behavior Specialist, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, an Occupational Specialist, a Speech Therapist, and staff that […]

Lisa lrvolino, LSW, CIS

“As a Crisis Intervention Specialist, I want to thank the Y.A.l.E. School East for working as a team with Children’s Mobile Response Stabilization Services (CMRSS) in Atlantic and Cape May County. The Child Study Team’s relationship with CMRSS has been on-going and their staff goes the extra mile to ensure that the youth’s needs are being met. Y.A.L.E. School East […]

Paulina Gastelum Cape

“As a care manager working with children and adolescents with the most complex behavioral and emotional needs it is important to know that we have learning centers that provide evidence-based learning, vocational planning, and personalized support in order to meet the educational needs of every student in our community. Y.A.L.E. School is an example of service to children and adolescents […]

Erin Riehle, RN, MSN, NEA-BC

“Project SEARCH is honored to partner with Y.A.L.E. School to bring the Project SEARCH transition program to Cherry Hill. Y.A.L.E. represents exactly the kind of best practice organization that is able to take our model and make it shine in their community. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate in the future.” 

Miriam Monahan, OTO, OTR/L Certified

“Y.A.L.E. School is the only school I am aware of that has integrated community mobility skills into its curriculum. Many schools focus on preparing students for vocational and academic opportunities, but lose sight of community mobility. Y.A.l.E. School recognizes that community mobility skills are essential for acquiring, maintaining, and advancing vocational and academic opportunities. Without independence in the community whether […]

Brenda G.

“I’ve seen a big difference since my granddaughter has started at Y.A.L.E. School, Ellisburg Campus. She loves this school because she gets along with her peers. She is working in school and saving her money. She has a new outlook on life.” 

Heather C.

“I am very happy with my choice to send my son to Y.A.L.E. School in Northfield. There is constant interaction with the school staff about how to help my child be more successful, and if something doesn’t work, they try something else. The school provides an environment his old school district could never provide. His current teacher has a great […]

Mary Ann G.

“The strategies that Y.A.L.E. uses on a day to day basis are visible on a first hand basis. They have a unique way of communicating instructions that are embraced by the student, becoming part of their lives. This year in particular has been a very enlightening one, holding great promise with the dawning of knowledge and understanding for our 12 year […]

Karolyn H.

“As a parent with two children on the autism spectrum every day can be a struggle to some degree. It is really helpful to know that when my children go to school at Y.A.L.E. that they are well cared for and taught how to tap into their many hidden abilities. I realize how fortunate my family is to attend Y.A.L.E. […]

Mike R.

“I have had the pleasure of teaching martial arts to students from the Medford and Mansfield Campus since 2004. The teachers and staff are helpful and truly care about the students. We have created a martial arts curriculum that focuses on building character skills like respect, leadership, confidence and teamwork. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn outside […]

Ms. T.

“Since attending Y.A.L.E. School Ellisburg we have seen such improvement in our son.  As a new family to the Y.A.L.E. community the staff at Ellisburg have made us feel very comfortable,  addressed our concerns and provided us with resources.  I am most impressed with their level of professionalism and the determination to help us help our son.”

Mrs. H.

“My husband and I appreciate how Y.A.L.E. School holds our son to a higher standard regarding his school work, his behavior, and his socialization.”

Brian K.

“Since my son, Rodney, has started attending Y.A.L.E. School, he has made some amazing accomplishments.  When Rodney started at Y.A.L.E. School, he could barely write.  He started a year and a half ago.  Rodney is now able to read, write, do mathematics and other subjects.  Before Y.A.L.E. School, Rodney was a completely different person, he was very physically and verbally […]

Alicia T.

“Since my son started Y.A.L.E., he has overcome a lot of obstacles.  He has grown in many different ways.  The learning is good. It’s a great environment for him to grow.  If you’re looking for a great change, I recommend this school.  This school has great teachers, always concerned about their students.”

Christine T.

“Y.A.L.E. is a great place for any child having a hard time.  It is a safe, loving and educational environment that has helped my son tremendously.  The teachers, staff and principal are all genuinely invested in making every child the best they can be.”