Standard 9 Transition Programs

Standard 9: 21st Century Life and Career Skills (S9) is a tiered high school transition program for students 18 to 21 years of age whose IEPs require additional support and training to prepare for adult roles. The program builds employment skills, adult living skills, and college readiness when higher education is anticipated.

Y.A.L.E. School recognizes that all of our students need to become competent, self-directed citizens in their community, whether they are going on to higher education or preparing for the working world.

Our staff helps each student set realistic goals for life after graduation. We guide students and families as they identify and connect with local programs and resources that best match a student's needs and interests.

We offer vocational and pre-vocational assessment and instruction, job coaching, self-advocacy skills, recreation skills, community living skills, and mobility and transportation training.

Staffed by a trained transition team, the Standard 9 transition concentration teaches:

  • Academics: specially-tailored academic instruction with a focus on applicable real-world life and career skills, and/or college preparation and placement testing.
  • Career Prep: Students learn job interviewing techniques and résumé writing, and participate in a variety of job-related opportunities and experiences in the community and on campus, such as job shadowing, job sampling, internships, and a school-based business enterprise. In their final year, Standard 9 students are also eligible to apply for Project SEARCH® a one year full immersion internship program at Jefferson Health System in Cherry Hill.
  • Community Involvement: Students plan and participate in community projects and service-learning opportunities.
  • Life Skills: Students learn cooking, cleaning, banking, shopping, personal hygiene, and organization. As part of the concentration, they use an on-campus life-skills lab to develop and apply more complex social competencies.
  • Mobility: Mobility Matters is Y.A.L.E.’s community mobility training program which teaches personal mobility and transportation skills. Students learn how to access and use public transportation and AccessLink during community-based-instruction trips. Standard 9 students whose transition goals include learning to drive a car can participate in a new DriveSafety® program. Students practice the basics of driving using a state-of-the-art virtual driving simulator located on campus, and receive assistance preparing for and taking the written driver’s test.
  • Technology Skills: Students use the internet, email, word processing, and productivity software to make presentations, learn about data, data entry, graphic design, and more. Each Standard 9 student is given a personal iPad® to use during class time, at the college campus, and on sites in the community.

Standard 9 Options

Transition OptionAges ServedLevel of Student IndependenceCommunity PartnerGoal
Standard 9 - Scholars18-21+++• Rowan College
• Camden County College - Blackwood
2-4 year college degree / job and career
Standard 9 - Vocational Extension18-21+++• Camden County College
• Glassboro Business Community
• Local Businesses
Competitive employment / Entrepreneur Opportunities
Standard 9 - Exploration18-21+++• Camden County College - Blackwood
• Rowan College of Burlington County - Mount Laurel
2 year college degree / competitive employment
Standard 9 - Employment18-21+• William H. Rohrer Center, Camden County College - Cherry Hill
• Local Area Businesses
Supported employment
Project SEARCH20-21 (final year of public education)++• Jefferson Health Systems - Cherry Hill
• National Project SEARCH
Competitive employment with job supports

Standard 9 at the Cherry Hill campus

Standard 9 Employment tier offers students the opportunity to receive classroom and community-based instruction emphasizing on work readiness, and continue academic work in language arts and mathematics while receiving instruction in career preparation and independent living at the Rohrer Center of Camden County College in Cherry Hill. A comprehensive transition curriculum includes weekly social skills classes, life skills instruction, career awareness, and hands-on work experiences with community business partners. Students have job internships or campus-based school-to-work jobs, and plan and organize community-based service learning projects.  In addition, students actively participate in product planning, sales and marketing within Y.E.S. Designs, a school-based enterprise. Throughout the program, students continue to build practical reading, writing, and math skills needed for employment and independent living. Students can apply for Project SEARCH, a one-year full-immersion internship program in partnership with Jefferson Health Systems and state agencies.

Standard 9 at community college campuses

Because a majority of graduates from Y.A.L.E. School have a goal of continuing on to higher education, we support students with unique college-based transition options:

The Standard 9 Scholars and the Standard 9 Exploration tiers are offered in collaboration with Camden County College and Rowan College of Burlington County, with Y.A.L.E. instruction taking place on the college campus. These tiers provide support and services to college-bound students whose IEP goals require a gradual transition to the academic, social, and organizational demands of college life. The program offers academic tutoring and support, coaching for organizational tasks, and social skills coaching. Students take academic college modules, work at on-campus internships, take college health and physical education modules, and are involved in community-based service learning projects.

YALE-standard9-brochure-2015-webDownload the S9 brochure

Y.A.L.E. School Standard 9 Brochure

For more information about Standard 9, please call Margaret Chapman at (856) 482-5252 or email this program.

For more information about the specific transition services offered at any of our campuses, please contact an admissions coordinator.

Standard 9 Program Details
Mailing Address2127 Church Road Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Phone(856) 482-5252
Fax(856) 779-7721
AdmissionsKaren Huber
(856) 482-5252 ext. 150
EmailEmail this program
Age range18 to 21
DiagnosesADHD, anxiety disorders, "Asperger's", Autism spectrum disorders, emotional disabilities, Social Communication Disorder, or specific learning disabilities
TypeCampus-based transition program

Dawn A.

My son is in his 5th year at Y.A.L.E. School, and I know he wouldn’t be the person he is today without the help of their committed and caring staff. They go above and beyond with the teaching of citizenship, social skills, self-esteem, academics and transition skills. Thank you, Y.A.L.E.!”

DeAnn C.

Y.A.L.E. School was instrumental in my son’s transitioning back into a public school environment. He felt safe, was able to socialize as well as participate in the sports programs offered. He will be graduating June 2015 with plans on attending college in the fall because of the skills he learned at the Mansfield Twp. & Cherry Hill campuses. Thank you for being a part of my son’s village.”

Diane G

I am so thankful for the teachers and the staff at Y.A.L.E. School. They GET autism! My son is now blossoming playing sports and building long term friendships. He loves his school and so do I!”

Dorothy G.

“I am writing to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for everything your school and its staff have done for my grandson. Since he started in September, he has become a different child and student. He no longer says he hates school. He does his homework by himself (which my daughter appreciates), and he no longer claims he is the ‘dumbest kid’ in the entire school. I now believe in miracles! Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart.”

Tracy H.

My son started at Y.A.L.E. in middle school and is now in 10th grade.  The transition from middle school to high school was so smooth.  The staff is very helpful and creative with my son’s ever–changing needs.  The life skills course has had such a positive impact and has given him many useful  tools for independence.  Before coming to Y.A.L.E. he was so unhappy,  feeling so misunderstood and out of place.  He is thriving now and even with his ongoing struggles we have the support of the Y.A.L.E. staff who we are so very grateful for.”

Audrey and Robert M

“Y.A.L.E. School has transformed our son’s quality of life. He finally has a great sense of belonging.”

Deborah M.

I cannot thank you and the staff at Y.A.L.E. School enough. The change in my son’s attitude regarding school is nothing short of miraculous. He can’t wait to get there in the morning and when he comes home, he is in such a great mood. Even the idea of homework is okay, which has never happened before. He thinks the world of his teachers and the students in his class. I have my happy-go-lucky little man back, and I am eternally grateful for that.”

Pam M.

“The right classroom environment for a child with Asperger’s can make a world of difference. At Y.A.L.E., our son actually enjoys school, excels academically and has made friends. In the structured supportive school environment of Y.A.L.E., he is learning how to cope with adverse situations, make lasting friendships and gaining a meaningful education.”

Lora R.

“Y.A.L.E. School’s many facets of creative learning offer education with a refreshing perspective that kids fall in love with. I couldn’t be happier with the program offered by Y.A.L.E. Cherry Hill, from administration to teaching staff.”

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Testimonials about Y.A.L.E. School Standard 9

Susan O.

“The Standard 9 Program is exactly what my son with Asperger’s needed after high school.  He has a high IQ but did not have adequate social skills or the perseverance and motivation to complete tasks that were not in his area of interest.  Since attending Y.A.L.E., he has grown in so many ways. He is taking college level courses and completing assignments without behavior outbursts. He is becoming a mature young man and is proud of his weekly job at the Insectatarium in Philly.  Just yesterday, he told me that his job coach has a good level of strictness and she is nice. He also said he is learning to not ask so many questions.  His teacher Mr. Laux understands him and has helped him to focus on his strengths and move forward.  I seriously have hope now and can see my son having a job and being more independent in the future.  He wants to become a support person in the home with people with autism.  The Standard 9 Program is giving him the opportunity and training to help his dreams come true.”

Abigail and José R.


“Y.A.L.E. School has brought life back to my son and to my family. I am very grateful for the time, the patience, and dedication the staff takes to take a broken vessel and turn it into something almost perfect. I would be remiss if I did not refer another parent that might go through the same struggles I went through. Now, my son is advancing in all areas. He is doing very well in the Standard 9 program and he loves his job!”

Monica A.


“My daughter attends Y.A.L.E. School in Cherry Hill and has benefited from a school where she is supported by qualified and experienced professionals who know how to address her individual needs. We are grateful for Y.A.L.E. where she has on-site access to a Board Certified Behavior Specialist, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, an Occupational Specialist, a Speech Therapist, and staff that is trained in the vocational and academic areas that are necessary to help a child with special needs thrive in the 21 st Century.”

Y.A.L.E. School Standard 9 Photo Gallery

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Upcoming Standard 9 events

Project SEARCH Open House

November 15 @ 9:00 am11:00 am

    Now accepting applications for 2020 – 2021   Project SEARCH is an internationally renowned, business-led transition program with a nationally recognized site at Jefferson Health in partnership with Y.A.L.E. School and NJ adult agencies – NJ DVRS and NJ DDD       Click the link below to RSVP

Project SEARCH Open House

December 5 @ 6:30 pm8:30 pm

    Now accepting applications for 2020 – 2021   Project SEARCH is an internationally renowned, business-led transition program with a nationally recognized site at Jefferson Health in partnership with Y.A.L.E. School and NJ adult agencies – NJ DVRS and NJ DDD       Click the link below to RSVP

Project SEARCH Open House

December 6 @ 9:00 am11:00 am

    Now accepting applications for 2020 – 2021   Project SEARCH is an internationally renowned, business-led transition program with a nationally recognized site at Jefferson Health in partnership with Y.A.L.E. School and NJ adult agencies – NJ DVRS and NJ DDD       Click the link below to RSVP

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