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Medford campus students publish an original story book

IMG955281 (1) Students from Ms. DiMarco’s class at the Y.A.L.E. School Medford campus are now “published” authors and illustrators. In the beginning of this school year, two Medford campus classrooms went on a community-based learning trip to nearby Johnson’s Farm. Each student hand-picked four apples and one pumpkin before enjoying an exhilarating hayride. The students enjoyed the outing so much that Ms. DiMarco’s class decided to commemorate the occasion. Using their writing and illustration skills, they created an original story book, entitled Trip to the Farm.

During the months of October and November, Ms. DiMarco’s students diligently began writing and editing their individual stories. Meanwhile the students became illustrators in art class, carefully creating original images to accompany their stories. Illustrations and actual photos from the trip were interspersed throughout the pages of text. With both stories and artwork finished, the book was sent away to be printed.

Students patiently waited for their published books to arrive. In early February, the books were finally delivered and each of students was able to keep a copy of the book to take home. Ms. DiMarco’s authors and illustrators are proud of their work and accomplishment on this collaborative project which combined a community-based learning experience, language arts and writing, fine arts, and teamwork!

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