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Medford Campus Students Learn About Fire Prevention From Teacher and Local Firefighter

Medford Fire SafetyOn Friday, October 10th, Y.A.L.E. School Medford campus’s own Ms. DiMarco brought in her own fire gear and educated the students on fire safety. DiMarco is a teacher at the Medford Kirby’s Mill School and also serves as a volunteer firefighter in the community.

Ms. DiMarco spoke to the students about what items they shouldn’t play with because they are dangerous and could start a fire, and discussed the importance of practicing fire drills at home and at school. She demonstrated the process of stop, drop, and roll as well as having the class time her to see how quickly she could put on all of her protective gear! She was given a minute and finished with 15 seconds to spare!

The students were excited to see her all dressed up, and once her gear was on, Ms. DiMarco explained what each piece was used for and how it helped her in a fire. She talked about how nobody should hide when there is a fire and demonstrated how firefighters search for people inside buildings. Students were even able to pick up her turn-out gear to see how heavy it was. Questions were flying, students were laughing, and the classroom was full of excitement! Students ended the lesson by donning their own Junior Firefighter helmet, courtesy of Y.A.L.E..

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