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ASPEN NJ Member Employment Weekend Workshop

Workshop event for ASPEN NJ members, hosted by the Y.A.L.E. School Cherry Hill campus:

Getting And Keeping A Job For Adults With Asperger’s
October 18th & 19th, 2014

We are bringing in Barbara Bissonnette from Forward Motion Coaching in Massachusetts to do the workshops. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Getting a Job for People with Asperger’s Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome Survival Guide: A Neurotypical’s Secrets for Success.

The workshop is designed for individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome/ASD, age 18 and older, who have graduated from high school and/or college, and are seeking competitive (not supported) independent employment. The jobs that they are seeking should require a resume and strong interviewing skills. Participants must be able to fill out an application and interview independently and should be able to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses and the type of work environment that they would feel most comfortable in.

*Central Jersey and North Jersey workshops will be scheduled for winter and spring.

Click here for the Registration Form and agenda.