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GreenVision Electronics Recycling Helping Students Prepare For the Transition to Work

Y.A.L.E. School Williamstown GreenVisionAt The Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield and Williamstown campuses, GreenVision® electronics recycling provides an opportunity for students to gain employment skills while helping the environment by collecting, dismantling and recycling electronics, appliances and other e-waste. The new program gives students an opportunity to build a résumé before leaving high school.

Glenn Martins, a school psychologist at the Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield and Williamstown campuses, offers these tips for students with disabilities entering the workforce:

  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a worker; complete a vocational interest survey.
  • An interview can be stressful; practice answering questions in advance of the interview with your teachers, parents or friends.
  • Learn as much as possible about the job or company in advance of the interview. Appear knowledgeable and informed.
  • Be prepared to provide a writing sample either on paper or with a laptop computer.
  • Be able to talk about yourself and highlight special talents that you possess. Have concrete examples of your accomplishments and skills to share with the interviewer.
  • Send a follow up e-mail, card or letter thanking the interviewer for the opportunity and confirm your interest in the position.

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