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VIDEO: YTV Video Production Students Visit WHYY TV 12

Y.A.L.E. Cherry Hill students in the YTV video production school-to-work program went on a field trip to the Dorrance H. Hamilton Media Commons at WHYY TV 12 in Philadelphia. Students were treated to a tour of a professional television and radio broadcast facility where they were able to observe actual programming being produced in studio.

Afterwards, our students teamed up in small groups to write a brief script about what they had learned on the tour. They then entered the Lincoln Financial Digital Education Studio to tape a mock “news anchor” report as their classmates watched from the audience.

Later, after returning from the trip, YTV student workers assembled the video above from the footage they recorded at the WHYY studios.

Our thanks to the staff of the Media Commons especially the media production instructors who welcomed us and taught us about the daily operations of a public radio and television station.

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