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From Non-Reader to Novels: Ryan M. Benefits from The Wilson Reading System at Y.A.L.E. School Northfield

Eighth-grader Ryan M. came to Y.A.L.E.’s Northfield campus three years ago when he was in fifth grade. When he arrived, he was struggling in reading and tested at a pre-primer level.

Right away, teachers began working with Ryan using the Wilson Reading System©, an evidence-based multi-sensory reading program that focuses on direct instruction, letter sounds and decoding. Designed for students with dyslexia, the Wilson Reading System© is also used to help students with other reading disabilities.

After a few months of intensive one-to-one instruction supported by teachers who provided positive recognition of his accomplishments, Ryan began to make tremendous strides.

“It was as if a door had been unlocked for him,” said Alvin Doyle, campus supervisor at Northfield. “The progress he has made is amazing!”

By the end of sixth grade, Ryan had gone from a pre-primer level to reading 3rd and 4th grade materials. Throughout that summer, he continued instruction and practiced his reading. When he returned for seventh grade, he was tested and could read 4th and 5th grade materials.

Ryan continued to make steady progress in the Wilson Reading program and now is reading grade level text, and novels for pleasure. Because his reading and writing skills improved so much, he can also interact in the teen ‘cyber worlds’ of text and Facebook, opening up friendships.

“Our program at Northfield not only helps students get ready to learn, by teaching them skills to manage their emotions and behaviors, we also directly address the academic delays that they have experienced,” added Doyle. “The pride and self-confidence that comes with being able to read is very powerful!”

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