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Y.A.L.E. School “On Cue” Speaker Dr. Mieke Goossens Addresses ASPEN Chapter

Y.A.L.E. On Cue LogoRecently, Dr. Mieke Goossens, School Psychologist at the Y.A.L.E School Medford and Mansfield Township campuses spoke to parents and professionals involved with the Burlington County ASPEN group about the educational process of transitioning students from self contained to mainstream settings.

She highlighted the hidden curriculum within mainstreamed settings and the necessity of teaching social and executive skills to be successful in the transition process.

Dr. Goossens and other experts from each of the Y.A.L.E. School’s eight campuses are available to provide workshops and in-service lectures on a range of topics as they relate to the education of students with disabilities. Topics include:

  • Executive Function Disorders
  • Understanding ABA and Autism
  • Mental Health Issues for Students with Disabilities
  • Educating Students with Asperger’s Disorder
  • Planning for Transition to College and Higher Education
  • Service Learning and Community-based Learning

For more information, or to schedule a speaker for your group, email Margaret Chapman or call (856) 482-5252 x195.

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