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Looking Ahead: Tips for Estate Planning For Children With Disabilities

The PTO at the Y.A.L.E. School’s Cherry Hill campus invited special needs attorneys from Hinkle, Fingles & Prior, Attorneys at Law, to speak about planning for the future. The attorneys shared these tips for parents of children with disabilities about estate planning:

  • Every family, with or without a disabled child, should have a Will.
  • A carefully drafted Estate Plan can help ensure that family assets are used according to a parent’s wishes.
  • At age 18, regardless of the severity of disability, a child is considered an adult and is legally empowered to make decisions. Guardianship must be obtained through the Courts.
  • A Special Needs Trust can be set up at any time, and is an important part of an Estate Plan.
  • Money should not be left directly to a child with severe disabilities. It could have the unintended result of making the child ineligible for means-tested services and supports.

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