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VIDEO: Summer Stop Motion Animation Class Projects

Several Cherry Hill classrooms participated in Stop Motion Animation class this summer as part of our Extended School Year Program and the resulting projects are on display on YouTube. Students worked in small groups to create short animated videos using laptops with iStopMotion animation software, webcams with tripods, and models or other small objects which could be easily manipulated. Once a group chose a topic or storyline, a storyboard was created outlining the project’s scenes. Then the teams got to work snapping frames with the camera and moving their objects according to their story. When finished, the animations were sent to iMovie video editing software on the laptops where students could add music, sound effects, and titles to their creations before uploading everything to the Y.A.L.E. Stop Motion YouTube channel. Cooperation, collaboration, communication, and creativity were key to the success of these animations but everyone had some fun along the way too. You can view all of this year’s stop motion animations online at http://youtube.com/user/yalestopmotion

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