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Y.A.L.E. School Hamilton Township Campus to Relocate to Mullica Township

Y.A.L.E. is pleased to announce that beginning July 5th, our Hamilton Township campus will enter a new incarnation, as the school-within-a-school for students with autism moves to nearby Mullica Township, at 500 Elwood Road in Mullica, NJ.

“We are excited and pleased to continue serving students with autism in the South Jersey community as we move into partnership with the Mullica Township School District,” said John Barnard, one of the program’s behavior analysts.

This school-within-a-school program serves students with autism, ages 3 to 10, in specialized classroom settings staffed by Y.A.L.E. teachers and teaching assistants, but located within a public school setting. Students in these classrooms experience a more typical school experience while still being exposed to structured, behavior-analytic teaching and comprehensive curriculum sequencing.

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