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Meet the Y.A.L.E. School Professionals: Alvin E. Doyle, Jr.

Alvin E. Doyle, Jr.Al Doyle, a dedicated educator with more than three decades of experience in the areas of special education, school administration, and professional development, is the principal of The Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield campus. With more than twenty-five years of educational leadership behind him, Al knows the intricacies of managing a staff that work directly with challenging students. He understands the importance of using evidence-based strategies and the need to involve families and community organizations. Prior to coming to the Northfield campus, Al served as principal at both the Cherry Hill and Williamstown campuses. He also worked as a teacher of English and Literature, and taught self-contained classrooms in both public and private school settings.

“Developing positive working relationships with parents, law enforcement officials, and child advocacy agencies has always been an important priority for me,” said Al.

His experiences with innovative best practices, research-based strategies, and instruction make him an invaluable educational resource. A frequent and sought-after speaker, Al has offered presentations on educational issues, such as behavior management, establishing school wide behavior support programs, proactive classroom management strategies, and effective instructional methods.

Al holds a master’s degree in Education from Lehigh University, and holds certifications as a Principal in New Jersey and as a Teacher of the Handicapped in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

In Al’s words: “Working at Y.A.L.E. with dedicated professionals that make data-based decisions with the child’s best interests as the number one priority has been a dream come true.”

One thought on “Meet the Y.A.L.E. School Professionals: Alvin E. Doyle, Jr.

  1. My son has been a student in Northfield for 5 years. Mr. Doyle is by far the most caring, compassionate, and professional principal I have ever met. He has taken the time to address every question or issue I have had, no matter how big or small it is. He genuinely cares for the well being of his students, and the tremendous staff he has compiled there shows just how much everyone at Y.A.L.E. cares. Well done Mr. Doyle & staff!

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