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After School Program Promises Fun and Learning

The Y.A.L.E. School’s Cherry Hill Campus may soon have an after-school program, and judging by the reaction of parents to a recent survey, it couldn’t come soon enough. In early November, 67 percent of Y.A.L.E. School Cherry Hill parents surveyed responded that they were “very” interested in an after-school program.

One parent enthusiastically wrote: “I’ve been hoping something like this would be offered! I hope it moves forward.”

Asked what types of activities they were most hopeful for, parents said social development programming and academic tutoring were vital. Several parents expressed interest in having their son or daughter tutored in SAT preparation, a standardized test traditionally given to college-bound juniors.

Through the fee-for-service program, students could have the opportunity to participate in drama, cooking, sports, and or music. The selection of activities that will be offered is still evolving based on scheduling and resources. Although the curriculum is under review, academic tutoring and help with homework will be included.

“Parents were really excited about the program,” said staff member G.W. Krauss Psy. D., the orchestrator of the effort. Dr. Krauss will eventually be overseeing the after-school program when it launches.

The most important consideration for parents was transportation.

“Initially, we will start running the program two days a week for those students who have transportation home, but eventually, Y.A.L.E. hopes to provide transportation with a bus stop in each of the several counties and to expand the program to four days a week.

“Parents are ready and waiting,” he added.

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