Y.A.L.E. School News

Fine Arts classes flying into Fall in the Cherry Hill Lower School

Y.A.L.E. Fine Arts classes started the new school year with students “taking steps” towards their futures by designing their own sneakers and collage caterpillars. The metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies is our metaphor for a wonderfully transformative school year. Already, art students have created coffee filter butterflies, butterfly kites and paper bird gliders.

In our current exhibit “Fly into Fall!” students brainstormed “things that fly” exploring our theme for 2011-2012 for future art projects using mind-mapping techniques to ensure exciting ideas and artistic creativity. Areas of focus included: natural (e.g. bats), man-made (e.g. planes or kites), fantasy, and mythology.

Some upcoming art projects will include: Da Vinci’s Parachutes and Helicopters, Egyptian Bird God Hieroglyphs, Chinese Origami Butterflies and leaves, Pompom caterpillars, Cocoons and tissue paper flowers, Japanese accordion fold books, Mirror image dragonfly tempera painting Rorschach prints, African Bird Masks, 3-D model insects, Native American Eagle Textiles, Flamingo marionettes, Indian Peacock Decorative crafts, Scratchboard Hot air balloons and more.

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